We are here to solve problems, forge solutions, and create. If you're someone who needs to make something - anything, we offer the tools manufacture your new reality. Professional Engineers, Artists, Technicians, and Designers are the foundation on which weve established our ability to offer our services to anyone who comes through our door. 3D Design, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and Production are the tools weve worked tirelessly to master and use to do it. You wont find another solution center like ours, and another team more capable of meeting your needs.

Our Mission: Our mission as a commercial 3D print shop is to provide the highest quality service while emphasizing a personal level of customer service, integrated for professional applications, serving our community, state, and nation both as a go-to source for 3D technology, as well as serving as an expert source of knowledge in the current and growing capabilities.

Industries We Serve


While there is no limit to the fields and pursuits we can work with, here are some of the industries we commonly do:

Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Automotive, Builders, Communications, Construction Services, Consumer Goods, Defense, Dentists, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Film and Television, Fine Art, Forensics and Crimminal Investigation, Gas and Oil, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Medical, New Product Development, Railroads, Recreation, Scientifc Research, Sports, Transportation, and more...