The Creatrium is a special place. Here, we combine cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies empowering us to create anything. This page is intended to provide you with information about the specific services we employ. We work with projects that employ a single service, or the entire breadth of our offerings. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your project.

3D Design

Our Design Team is led by the technical expertise of our Lead Engineer, Lance Dettmer, combined with the aesthetic talent of our Creative Director, Weston Brownlee. Their collaborative porfolio of solid modeling and digital sculpting includes work for organizations like NASA, Hollywood, Sandia National Labs, and more.

Both Bring distinguished backgrounds and the very best in techinical skill, which not only enables them to optimize models for 3D Printing, but means the creation of top-tier work in every way.

We Can Create: Precision mechanics, hard-surface models, products, prototypes, illustrations, tooling patterns, die casting patterns, props, custom awards, custom tools, aerospace componenets, molds, art, jewelry, CGI assets, Augumented Reality Assets, Virtual Reality Assets, and more.

We Use: Spaceclaim, Zbrush, Oculus Medium, Keyshot, and similar CAD design programs.

What We Need: We can work from as little as an idea; however, references like photos, specs, orthographic designs, drawings, and any other details you provide greatly increases the speed at which we can work, giving you the best possible quote for a design project.

3D Scanning

Digitizing the physical world is a powerful ability whether you're scaling, reverse engineering, designing, capturing data, or printing. 3D Scanning opens up an entirely new branch of manufacturing and integration. Generating high quality scans is a complex art our team has mastered.

We Can Create: Complete 3D models for print, digital editing, reverse engineering, data collection, virtual applications, and more.

Precision Scanning: Our go to technique when the highest degree of accuracy and micro-fine detail are desired in the final 3D model.

Form and Structure Scanning: This technique is applied to scans in which larger surface areas and shape are more critical than tiny details.

We Use: The Artec Eva, and HDI LMI Advance

Mobile Scanning: Sometimes, the scanner needs to come to you. Our team will travel to your location to complete a project.

What We Need: Ultimately, the object or person being scanned; however, we can generate a quote with the provision of orthographic photos as well as any additional views relevant for the project.

3D Printing

3D Printing Our printing services are like no other. You will not find the same level of breadth, quality, and personal attention to your project anywhere else.

We Offer: Every commercially availabe 3D Printing material.

Filament: Plastic and Exotic Materials
Bonded Gypsum: Ceramic-like Material
Paper: Wood-like Material
Multi-jet: Photo-cured Resins and Elastomers
DLP: Photo-cured Resins
SLS: Nylon-based Plastics
SLA: Laser Cured Resins
DMP: Laser Sintered Meta

Click HERE to learn more about each 3D Printing process.

What We Need: A 3D model in either .stl, .obj, .wrl, or similar compatible format, confirmation of your desired dimensions, and any pertaining information about your intended use of the printed parts.


The Creatrium's true power to manufacture your new reality lies in just that: traditional manufacturing. We understand that at times, the best possible solution rests with traditional methods, which is why we further specialize in offering the most we possibly can.

We Can Create: Silicone and urethane molds, advanced molds, tools, cast resin, cast foam, cast wax, cast metals, injection molded plastics, specialty casts, and more in low run to production run volumes.

What We Need: While each type of production carries its own nuances, in general we simply need a master or master pattern to work from. This often means using 3D Prints or 3D models we've created.